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I help online course creators and business owners, including copywriters make money from email marketing using my unique EmailScale system.

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what they’re saying

Learning how to navigate the “online world” has been challenging. Setting up emails, and learning the tech to create funnels, landing pages, etc, has been a frustration.

Working with Helen was my favorite part of the experience. 🥰 Her patience, knowledge, and ability to help me navigate the challenges of creating an online business was a lifesaver!  I have a deeper understanding of how to navigate the tech of my online business, the dimensions of email marketing, and how to simplify my copywriting to convey my message more clearly.

Working with Helen was like having a best friend hold your hand every step of the way as she taught me how to navigate this new online world. Her patience, kindness, and knowledge of all aspects of my online presence, was a tremendous resource to finally get things done!

Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

The entire process was very easy. I love the videos telling us about each email and why you did what you did. We were getting a great service with a little education.

We are relieved that the work was done quickly and painlessly. This is the fastest we have been able to get a project completed of this magnitude for us. We have a template that can help us in the future.

Helen is friendly and easy to work with, and the price is well worth the product you receive. I will not hesitate to use Helen again in the future for any of my businesses.

Erica Etchason

Here’s why I recommend working with Helen:

Helen is open-minded and ready to truly, truly listen and understand. She always takes feedback positively. We are building a great partnership because she is always on board.

Additionally, Helen is laser-focused on our priorities and demonstrates flexibility if they change or if the tasks change to reflect this.

She shows up ready to discuss and really contribute to our team meetings as a strategic partner, not just a silent subcontractor; she’s even willing to show up and share when we are just generating ideas. We feel she is very much a part of our team, which is due to her fantastic attitude toward us.

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva
I enrolled in Helen’s Email Newsletters Made Easy course after I had already enrolled in two newsletter writing courses, one of which I never completed because it was too long.
Helen’s course was different. It was the only one that I completed AND implemented! One key reason is that her course is short but sweet and very well-organized/explained. She was able to condense complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts, given her teaching background.
Chigoziri Nwachuku

Helen Nuttall found ME through a well-written email marketing campaign of her own. It was one of the rare times that a marketing email caught my attention, so I immediately knew she was the person to write my email sequences, and she did not disappoint!

I was impressed by Helen’s time and thought in studying my blogs, current offerings, and other content to understand my goals and audience. By the time we  met on Zoom to discuss the project, Helen was very well informed. I found her to be very attentive, creative, witty, and kind, so I enjoyed our meeting and left feeling confident about the process.

The email sequence was spot on; Helen captured my voice and message to the tee. We met briefly to discuss a few minor edits, and I received the revisions in no time.

I will undoubtedly work with Helen on other projects and highly recommend her for your copywriting needs.

Marla Tabaka Entrepreneur Coach
Marla Tabaka

Helen was great to work with! She was quick to understand the project and delivered an excellent result in no time!

Thanks Helen, I hope to work together again!”

Michael Thicke

Helen is a delight to work with.

The questions she asks pull out the information that she needs from me, even when I am not totally clear on what I need. Her writing summed up what I was trying to get across really well!. Her turnaround time was fast!

Thank you, Helen. Working with you was like chatting with a friend!

Magda Therrien

Kirsty needed a product description for a service she was promoting as part of her sales page.

‘I feel that we connected. Helen did an amazing job and I cannot recommend her enough!’  

Hear the full video testimonial ➡️➡️➡️

Kirsty Holden
HLDN Media

Thanks again for writing the copy for my landing page that’s coming soon! I can not believe how much easier you have made my life! It is ridiculous – I never thought copywriting would be so hard!

 Having you help me with that has easy taken off ten pounds of stress off my shoulders. Thanks again!

Watch the video testimonial.

Erin S
Solopreneur, Canada

Helen is incredible. You would be lucky to have her help you!

savvyinhk logo
Ingrid N

Helen worked with us to create a welcome email series.

We loved her fun style of writing which was so on brand for our luxury pet accessories. Helen was very communicative and took on board feedback, working at the copy until everything was perfect.

We highly recommend her for her creative copy writing skills and positive work ethic.



Amy and Bee Hiro and Wolf testimonial
Amy Fleuriot-Reade, Bee Friedmann