About Me

Now tell me about your goals.

Hi! I’m Helen.

And this is all about me, but wait a minute, this is about you too. 

As in what can I do for you?

This, to be fair, is the main point.

How can I help you?

Let’s say make your life so much easier?

Make your clients fall in love with what you are offering?

Free you up?

let me handle your copywriting needs

Let me handle your project

let me handle your copywriting project

You are feeling the pressure - the time is ticking on the deadline and you now need to get this project moving. 

So now you need a copywriter, who’s quick at analysing and nailing your brand voice.

Who can produce clear-cut compelling copy, that will convert your audience members into loyal customers.

Someone who knows the value and effectiveness of the right words.

The right words

At the right time. 

In the right places. 

Individuals and audiences' needs are constantly changing and evolving. You need to react fast to keep in their world. 

I completely immerse myself in their world, how they would see it and what would seriously benefit their lives

With me as your copywriter you will empathise and deeplyconnect with your audience and convert sales

Benefits for your audience

It is really important to explain the benefits of your product to your customer

My copy is ultra-focused on your audience’s needs. 

My background makes me ideally placed to identify the benefits for your audience and bring them smack in focus. 

Because I’ve worked in a variety of sectors including education and manufacturing, I know what it takes to be an exceptional communicator, to manage teams and to get results. This translates to any team I work with.

And that cherry on the top!

Just for good measure!

Throw in over two years of creating content for and managing my own profitable blog. 

Which means..

 I have higher than average skills in:

  • Content Writing 
  • SEO 
  • Website editing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Blogging 
  • Affiliate Marketing
use me as your copywriter and nail your copy.

So let’s get some coffee and make a start on your master plan